What is an HIU? Making it Simple
An HIU, or “Heat Interface Unit,” is similar to a traditional gas boiler but doesn’t use gas. Think of a big building with lots of homes. There’s one central room where heat is made, and then sent through pipes to each home. Each home has its own HIU to give them heating and hot water.

Look and Purpose
HIUs are box-like units, resembling a boiler but without any flame. They are designed to lower energy use and CO2 emissions, helping to reduce costs and be more eco-friendly.

How Do HIUs Work?
Imagine a large building where many people live or work. Instead of each unit having its own heating system, there’s one big system in the building. This system sends heat through pipes to HIUs in each unit, providing them with warmth and hot water. Some HIUs can instantly heat homes and provide hot water based on the type you have.

Common Issues with HIUs
Just like other devices, HIUs can face problems. They may break down often due to old age, overuse, lack of maintenance, or low-quality parts. Generally, an HIU should be replaced every 10-15 years. Regular service and maintenance are essential to prevent breakdowns.

The Benefits of Using HIUs
HIUs offer various benefits. They help in reducing CO2 emissions, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. They are a great option for property developers as only one central heating system is needed for the entire building, reducing costs and making the building process smoother. Many landlords now prefer HIUs over standard boilers to lower their service and maintenance costs, and ensure they comply with health and safety laws easily.


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