HIU Annual service is crucial for maintaining your unit in top condition and ensuring it operates efficiently without wasting energy. Over time, parts may become faulty or settings can drift out of calibration, leading to unnecessary energy consumption. This happens when the heat network continues pumping heated water to your apartment’s HIU even when there’s no demand for heating or hot water, resulting in energy loss at your expense.

A thorough HIU service not only checks for these issues but also identifies any visible defects like corrosion and leaks. Addressing these problems early on can prevent damage to both electrical and mechanical components of your HIU.

Moreover, our service includes detailed checks of secondary heating water quality, testing for levels of inhibitor, corrosion, and pH level. These checks are essential for ensuring the long-term health and efficiency of your HIU.

After each HIU service, you will receive a digital service record. This document is invaluable for tracking the maintenance history of your HIU. It provides engineers and owners with critical information about the HIU’s performance and maintenance needs over the years, helping to ensure optimal operation and longevity of your unit.


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