Saving energy with your HIU is not only beneficial for reducing your energy bills, but it also helps in minimizing your environmental footprint. Here are some tips to help you save energy:


Regular Maintenance: Regular servicing ensures your HIU operates efficiently. A well-maintained HIU uses less energy.


Upgrade to a new Model: If your HIU is over 15 years old or in a very poor condition, consider replacing it with a new model.


Thermostat Control: Use a programmable thermostat to control the heating. Lowering your thermostat by just one degree can reduce your energy usage.


Water Temperature Setting: Lower the water temperature setting on your HIU. A slightly cooler temperature requires less energy to maintain.


Bleed Radiators: Trapped air in radiators can make them less efficient. Bleeding them ensures they work effectively.


Hot Water Usage: Be mindful of your hot water usage. Taking shorter showers and fixing any dripping taps can reduce the demand on your HIU.


Insulate Pipes: Insulate your hot water pipes to prevent heat loss.


Smart Heating Controls: Consider smart heating controls that allow you to manage your heating remotely and provide insights into your energy usage. Install smart thermostatic radiator valves so you can control the temperature in individual rooms with your smart thermostat. 


Implementing these measures can lead to energy savings and ensure that your HIU operates at peak efficiency.


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